The Mission

I am on a greater mission that to merely pick up girls. I am pushing for an over all lifestyle change and improvement. From where I see it I need contact with several experts in various areas in order to achieve that. At the moment I am doing:

  • Meditation and Yoga push under one shakti,
  • Restructured my diet and am pulling weights now to try and build bulk using the starting strength model.
  • Supplimentary exercise from body rock tv.
  • Me and the Alpha are working really hard in order to try and build a company that will allow us to work lower hours for the same money.
  • I think as part of the process I might have to go to america to hear a guy called Tony Robbins lecture (he’s like a life coach guy – but proper inspiring).
  • Going out once a week with the Writer Dylan in order to meet girls
  • Trying to take coaching once a month from a professional PUA/Dating Coach in order to increase skills


I have decided to man up and take full responsibility for where I am in life and who I am. It is my job to ensure that I grow into the man I want to be, no one else’s, and damn it I am going to make it happen!


One Response to The Mission

  1. justin says:

    Good luck with this buddy. We owe it to ourselves to have a great time on this beautiful planet!

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