30 day “awesome” challenge!

The 30 day challenge to becoming awesome!

Below is the full explanation of that the 30 day challenge to becoming awesome it – but before that here is the leader board!!

So I am planning on doing a 30 day challenge with the Alpha, the Writer Dylan, and a couple of others – The salsa ninja is going to be the adjudicator. It is going to be awesome!

The Theory – routine is the only way to instigate long term lasting change
If I want to get good at something, the only way to do this effectively is to practice it regularly. Progress both skill/task related only happens from regular practice. But making yourself do something on a daily basis requires discipline that most people do not have… To this end we are going to do a 30 day challenge! Each person decides what they want to achieve, then they set themselves fixed tasks that must be done each and every day (Monday to Friday) as a routine.

At the end of the month these should have had time to become “routine” and therefore “easy” to do! Here is how it works…

The points system
After choosing their tasks, each person then assigns points to each task up to a total value of 100 points achievable per day. That way doing all your tasks in a day earns you 100 points on that day!

The Challenge
Each challenger puts £15 into the pot. At the end of the 30 day challenge the person with the most points wins most of the money, with the runner up getting a partial refund.

Why do this?
Social pressure is one of the best ways of training/learning. The combination of some money on the line along side being beaten by your friends should be enough to motivate us to stick to it for the 30days as much as possible.

There is a superman inside of us all waiting to burst out!!!

Want in?
I have attached my spread sheet with my completed routine that I am planning. I have a fair amount on there.. each challenger can have as much or as little on their as they like. The only real rule with this is that it must be to help you make positive change in your life by helping you do things on a daily basis that would be of benefit to you.

If you wanted to do this, it is simple to do, you just grab a couple of friends and away you go.

Ask yourself, what are the things that if you did a little bit of every day would make you happier/better/richer/relaxed/stronger?

Note: System built around the theory of Gamification
Note: All tasks are SMART tasks

Routine – 30day challenge.xls


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