Odd things that statistically effect the success of marriage

The following TED talk by Jenna McCarthy on Marriage is summed up here. I have done so as the talk itself isn’t that engaging, but the data is a little interesting, and I am interested in people who are pro marriage as well as those who are not.

In the Happiest Marriage the following trends are true:

  • The women are thinner and better looking than their partners. Thinner woman means man fancies girl more, has more sex. More sex means he is happier and therefore nicer to her which means she is happier, takes better care of her self, thinner… etc
  • The more willing he is to do house work the more attractive she finds him? ***if this is true then this is useful data
  • People who smile in childhood photos are less likely to have a divorce
  • Having an Oscar near guarantees a divorce
  • Watching romantic films increases chance of divorce (exposure to images and stories of people who have it “better” as apposed to horror films when you leave thinking your life is pretty good.
  • Alcohol increases chances of divorce
  • Having a close friend go through a divorce increases your chances of a divorce by 75%

So why does anyone get married. There are perks to being married:

  • Healthier physically and emotional
  • Produce more stable kids that have a higher success rate
  • Have more sex than our single friends
  • We live longer

She thinks that as long as you marry someone that you like a lot then the benefits are significant.

Jenna McCarthy: What you don’t know about marriage:


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