Download Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

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Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand was recommended to me by the Makeshift Alpha. I am only a little way in, and already I am hooked. It is so rare to find a story that is pro capitalism so completely! The heroes of the story are all capitalists, and the incompetent idiots that bring the bile of anger to your throat as you hungrily devour and digest each page are the those who want to be seen as “good”. That is not to say that they are good, only that they want to be perceived that way, and thus their actions are guided in a such a manor that the people around them validate them. The Hero’s require little to no external validation, and care not what others think of them.

Perhaps this really, truly is the sign of the Alpha over the Beta. The Alpha is willing and ready to make decisions and the Beta’s then gleefully follow that decision because they do not have to take responsibility for the outcome of the choice.

I may well expand this once I have completed the book – but for now know that it is good, damn good!

click here to download atlas shrugged